Here are some resources to help you understand clinical research.

While you’re thinking about participating in a study with us, you may want more information. This is the place to get it.

Let’s start with a few common questions.

Who can take part in a VRC clinical study?

Anyone who is healthy, a current contact lens wearer, and between the ages of 18 and 69 can potentially participate. You just have to answer a few questions and speak with our coordinator to determine eligibility.

Why should you participate?

You’ll be playing a vital role in bringing new and innovative contact lenses and products to the general public. You’ll also receive compensation.

Learn more about what to expect

watch the video

Call us at 1-888-474-6665 to find out now if you qualify.

The studies are a great way to receive a little extra money for hobbies and fun activities on the weekends.


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